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Admit one

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Don't you remember the days when movie tickets were so simple? You either received the red ticket or blue ticket like which had the words "admit one". Back in those days movies only cost of a few cents as opposed to today where it cost a few dollars . Even though movie tickets cost a few dollars in this day and age it's prices somewhat equivalent- to how much it cost back then in the early 1900s.

Yes understanding early 1900s of dollars to a kid was like $100 so even though and the money was a relatively low as far as income is concerned, the price of items were in the sensor range as opposed to the dollar range. Times have changed tremendously to the point where you don't even tickets you can simply leave your Movie Phone across an RFID reader and access your movies that way.


The looks of movie theaters have changed tremendously over the years

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Back in the early days when movie theaters were first launched they were big and bulky and only played no than 4 to 5 movies at a time. Now things have changed significantly, in the movie theater that could be easily 30 movies playing at one time. All this has been made possible due to the rise of digital technology and just the advancement of technology as a whole.

Back in the old days there was only one person who would take your tickets and a small little ticket booth but now movie theaters have ticket booths with up to five people accepting tickets some movie theaters have even more than that. One thing about the old movie theaters were the classic designs that was so popular in the 1960s and 70s. Times have changed since then and movie theaters are much more advanced all the way down to the snack selection.

One thing that hasn't changedfor the longest is having fun when you go to the movies. Read more

The power of movie cameras

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Movie cameras have changed so much in the movie industry that it's not funny. Before movie cameras had these two giant reels on top of the camera which contain the film. Now everything is 100% digital like movie when it comes to the the high definition cameras that are used in the top movie production. No longer are the days where the director would have to turn the crank shaft on the side of the camera to record the images.

All you would have to do is get a camera on the roof such as the red camera and begin shooting some very high definition images (and by that I mean frames). Even the whole editing process is 100% digital as opposed to those big bulky analog equipment which was a must during the days of the prehistoric cameras. Those big bulky equipment are still used today but not as commonly as it was back then.

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